Hi, I'm Josie.

Josephine Pfeiffer, BA (Hons) Bus Mgt (Open)
I am a technology magician with a creative & business background.



English/German (Native)
French (Fluent)
Korean (Basic, written)

Soft Skills

Continuous learning, leadership, adaptability, networking, out of the box problem solving, working with humans, presentations/technical demos, developer advocacy, onboarding, stakeholder engagement, writing documentation/manuals

Project Management

Rapid prototyping: Building experimental features quickly to drive stakeholder value

Remote teams: improving (asynchronous) communication, building an efficient & comfortable work environment, GitLab remote manifesto

Agile/Scrum: stakeholder involvement, working in increments to achieve a long-term vision, product roadmaps


Amazon Web Services (EC2, ECR, EKS, Elastic Beanstalk, Cloudwatch, Elasticache clusters, S3, RDS, dynamodb, security groups/VPCs, Route53, Lambda, API Gateway, cloudfront)

Google Cloud Platform (App Engine, GCS, CloudSQL, Memorystore, monitoring, dialogflow, oauth2 APIs)

Cloud Foundry, RedHat OpenStack, Docker, Ruby on Rails, crystal, python, node.js, react, angular, GitLab CI/CD, Arch Linux, Terraform, pre-commit, checkov, cloudflare, okta/auth0, elasticsearch



  • Site Reliability Engineer (Senior Associate) @ Sygnum Bank
    (Jan 2022- Present)

    Providing input for ensuring scalability, reliability, and fault-tolerant production applications.
    Designing, building and maintaining containerized, 12-factor microservices across a hybrid cloud setup.
    Providing input on Incident Management strategies as well as hands on development and evolution of the logging flow and alerting.
    Responsible for delivery of complex projects across the organization.
    Providing self-service access tools and solutions for engineers to deploy their applications quickly and securely in production.
    Analysing and improving the security of systems while maintaining usability.

  • Chief Technology Officer @ Café Europe. News agency
    (Jan 2019- Oct 2021)

    I managed a team of remote developers, designed system architecture, and shaped the company’s digital strategy. I worked with stakeholders to improve and create new products. I implemented Scrum in the organisation.

    I planned and executed the migration/rearchitecting of legacy services to the cloud to improve flexibility and reduce spending.
    I set up CI/CD pipelines and introduced infrastructure as code to efficiently manage different environments.
    I set up redis clusters for background jobs with sidekiq workers scaling separately from app containers.

    I designed and developed a system for the digital value chain of news production from raw information to finished articles.
    I implemented an automated tracking system to give stakeholders an overview of which channels their news were published in as well as what quantitative impact the article had using various APIs and alternative data sources.
    I developed APIs to provide data to legacy content management systems.
    I employed rapid prototyping to validate experimental ideas and deliver fast stakeholder value.

  • Digital Transformation Consultant @ Freelance
    (Aug 2018- Jan 2019)

    Built experimental technical prototypes for clients in the aviation, event, and media industries.

    Natural language processing
    I built business applications (called skills) for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant that plug into existing infrastructure to do things such as plan meetings with people. The application would check participants' calendars for the ideal time and book a meeting room or schedule a skype meeting.

    I lead workshops for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation focused on managing and expanding their digital product portfolio with the board of directors.

  • Mediamatican Way-Up (Apprentice) @ Swisscom
    (Aug 2016- Jul 2018)

    Cloud Platform Engineering
    I worked with team members to develop a concept for an elastic quota management tool and then developed a web app which interacts with RedHat OpenStack and CloudFoundry to manage cloud resources.
    During my time in the team I supported the implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework.

    Future Work Experience - Product & Service Innovation
    I developed of voice assistant services for enterprise customers using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
    I developed an architecture and set up an internal API for voice services.
    I assisted in the internal roll-out of Surface Hubs by creating user manuals and use-case blog posts as well as organising workshops and open days.
    Additionally, I lead Surface Hub workshops for enterprise customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

  • Project Lead @ Zurkow Start-up Festival
    (Feb 2017- Jan 2018)

    I organised a startup festival with friends and international partners as a side project. We developed the concept as part of a project in vocational college originally and then decided to actually do it.
    I liaised with partners such as the local startup community, speakers, sponsors and artists.
    The festival connected the vibrant Startup communities of Zurich and Krakow. It featured workshops, panel discussions, talks and concerts. The festival concept won an innovation award and the festival was sponsored by UBS & endorsed by the Swiss Embassy in Poland.


  • BA (Hons) Business Management (Innovation & Enterprise)
    @ The Open University Business School (UK) (2018-2021)

    Upper Second Class Honours (3.7 GPA)

    An introduction to business and management, Design thinking: creativity for the 21st century, Shaping business opportunities, Exploring innovation and entrepreneurship, Strategic management, Creating futures: sustainable enterprise and innovation, Leadership in a changing world

  • Federal Vocational Certificate (EFZ) Mediamatician Way-Up
    @ BBZ Biel (2016-2018)

    Marketing, economics, interactive media design, project management, accounting, computer science, web design

  • Federal Matura
    @ NMS Bern (2012-2016)

    Focus subjects
    Art & History



audience-deck (current)


Organisations collect email addresses in mailing lists but often don't have the required metadata to keep an overview of who their audience is. This is especially relevant for organisations that need credible metrics to measure impact -- both for internal as well as external stakeholders such as advertisers, funding bodies or partners.


Audience Deck is a data analytics platform that uses a variety of data sources to enrich contacts with additional data points related to demographics, geography and behaviour/interests. The platform ensures anonymity by never sharing an individual contact's metadata but delivers actionable insights by painting a big picture.
The platform uses a micro service architecture with queueing for asynchronous data processing and is designed in a modular way to integrate with existing services such as mailchimp in order to adapt to customers' workflows.

Landing page

Untitled ruby gem (current)


I find that making complex active record queries within rails is inefficient and nearly impossible without falling back to SQL.


I just started working on a ruby gem which allows users to make complex queries across relations and objects in just one line of ruby instead of 5+ lines of SQL per query.


News Management System (2020)


Café Europe's journalists were using an old, slow and feature-wise limited application to manage the news production.


I created a modern platform which made the value chain process more intuitive and introduced new features which allowed journalists to keep better track of their tasks and allowed managers to keep a better overview.

Blackbox (2019)


Customers wanted to Café Europe to create and send out newsletters for them but wanted to manage the mailing list themselves.


I designed and coded a fully GDPR compliant blackbox solution, which allows customers to manually add and remove subscribers, import and export existing subscribers, create sign up forms. Double opt-in emails and unsubscribes are handled by the platform. Using the sendgrid API, I implemented a system which marks bounced emails. Newsletter statistics such as open rates, number of recipients etc. were made visible.
The recipient list is loaded into the newsletter system for delivery through an API but the recipient addresses aren't saved or visible to the editorial team.

AMIGO (sociAl Media Image GeneratOr) (2019)


Creating good looking, uniform social media posts for news stories is was very time consuming.


I wrote a commandline application that can turn titles into corporate design conforming, social media-ready images. Users can specify a custom background image, otherwise the application will use a random, abstract image from unsplash.
This application later formed the base for an automated solution that crawls an RSS-Feed and then adds pre-fomatted posts, including the image to the queue on buffer, a social media post scheduling platform.

Github (cli)
Github (rails app)

Digital Office Assistant (2018)


Scheduling a meeting can be frustrating and time consuming. Looking through participant's calendars to find a time and date, finding and booking a room etc., when regular work is already stressful, is annoying.


With the digital office assistant, an Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant skill, planning a meeting is as easy as telling the assistant when, where and with whom you would to meet. The assistant uses the outlook and active directory APIs, finds a time, sends out invitations, books a room for you.

Elastic cloud management portal (2017)


Changing quota allocation for containers running on OpenStack required logging into a jumphost and using the commandline manually.


I put together a web app, which uses dynamic sliders to update quota allocations. After saving, the app creates a .yml file with the configuration, a script on the jumphost reads the file, validates it and updates the quota on OpenStack.


+41 79 24 88 424